Like a true american...

SOOKIE: Hi, Paul Anka! You're going to come spend the night with me! [To Lorelai] You sure this is okay?
LORELAI: Yeah, it's fine.
SOOKIE: We think a dog would be good for Davey. He loves them. I just want to make sure that Jackson and I are dog people first.
LORELAI: Oh, you are!
SOOKIE [hesitantly]: Mm. I mean, I know babies, but dogs -
LORELAI: Are just furry babies. Here, keep him occupied for a sec.
[Sookie sits and baby-talks to him while Lorelai sneakily gets his leash from the corner and holds it behind her back.]
SOOKIE: Hi! Paul Anka! You want to come have a sleepover at my house? Huh? [To Lorelai] What are you doing?
LORELAI: Uh, he freaks out if he sees his leash. You have to make sure you hide it from him and make sure he doesn't see you putting it on him.
SOOKIE: How is he once he's on the leash?
LORELAI: Oh, he's totally fine having his personal freedom slowly stripped away, as long as he's completely unaware that it's happening. Just like a true American. He's all yours.
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